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Fully Automated Rainwater Purification Center.

Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:49 am

Long story short, I have an idea to use raspberry pi to run a fully automated rainwater collection, purification, boiling, and storage container, for as cheap as possible that uses solar for power. The idea is that in a large part of Africa, and the middle east there is a short wet season, or quick monsoons. Most people from these areas cannot consume this water, but it could mean life or death if it could be collected and stored. The system would consist of 4 parts.

1. Collection: a large reservoir, that once raspberry pi notices it reaching a specific level, drains to the filter.

2. A filtration system that consists of 5 layers, contained in PVC. Pebble, sand, charcoal, sand, pebble. Each layer will have a piece of cloth in between, and charcoal needs to be changed after every filtration cycle. Charcoal can simply derive from fires used to cook on. Raspberry pi will refill the charcoal after each cycle, and the native people only need fill a container.

3. Water will then be moved to a "pasteurization" station, that will heat the water to a boil, and then release the water which will collect in the storage chamber.

4. Storage chamber will have a lead off valve for clean water.

This is supposed to be as "self sufficient" as possible, so solar panels are the best choice, and if raspberry could move them based on the sun, that would be amazing!

The system need only "run" the cycle once full of rain, and thus be set to only check water water levels and rotate panels.

Help if you have any ideas on OS, what sensors I need and if any programs are already written for me haha! Obviously, the less power consumption the better!


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Re: Fully Automated Rainwater Purification Center.

Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:41 pm

Just a dumb thought, but boiling a large quantity or water will consume a lot of power. I have heard of UV sterilisation using UV LED's or UV tube lights. Maybe worth looking into ?

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