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3d Printer

Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:34 pm

I know this has been talked about alot but...

(if you dont want to read skip to bottom)
I have been working on a fairly large 3d printer for a while now (2+ years) it originally had accuracy down to 0.1mm using HUGE Pancake motors (48v @ 8a). the electronics are history to me (old PDP11 type) but i have been working on new Servo Controllers that can either take STEP + DIR signals or i can communicate thew serial (rs232 or 5vttl). i was thinking to use the arduino and makerbot motherboard but i see no reason why the raspberry pi cant handle everything.

1. can the GPIO handle sending STEP + DIR signals?
2. IF NOT how can i have 3 different serial ports?
3. What is the best language to use to make a Front panel and code for decoding G-Code (im used to labview and Arduino)
4. what else should i worry about?

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