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Temperature, IR blaster, internet and light switch

Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:15 am


First off, Im brand new to the Raspberry Pi world so my apologies.

We are moving a couple of PCs to a small dark closed room with a AC unit that is controlled via remote control (IR)

Since it is closed and very small, I think it would be best to control the environment. This is where I think a Raspberry Pi board is perfect.

My idea is that the Raspberry Pi has attached a temperature sensor and a IR blaster. If it detects that the temperature inside the room reaches X degrees, it would turn on the preconfigured AC unit using the IR blaster. Once that lowers to another X degrees, it should be able to send another signal thru the IR blaster to turn off the AC unit.

Now, the reason I would like it for it to have internet access is that when these events occur, I would like to be notified via email. It would alert me when the AC is turned on, turned off, or if it was turned on but the temp keeps rising (failed AC unit or worst). Also remote access would be nice.

Also inside this room would be a IP camera. Due to it being a small dark room, I wouldn't be able to see. This is where a option to turn on/off via a digital signal the light would be nice. This way with the IP camera I can see the server room (both locally and thru WAN)

So basically:

1: Raspberry Pi with Ethernet
2: Hook up a temp (humidity probably too) sensor and IR blaster
3: Set up the Raspberry Pi as a secondary (digital) light switch for the lights inside that room.
4: Program in Java or C# (if possible) a small program that detects temp/humid changes and sends a IR blast signal to a AC unit to turn it on and off. Also alert me via email of any detection limits and actions
5: Run that program

Is this small project possible? Also I would prefer to write this in Java and/or C# (if possible) thru USB as they come like natural languages to me but I do understand that they might not be compatible with a Raspberry Pi and this kind of project.

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Re: Temperature, IR blaster, internet and light switch

Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:53 pm

Apart from the emailing bit, the whole lot could be done with an Arduino nano clone (less than £5), your Pi would be bored.

Ethernet (or wifi, bluetooth, radio) modules / shields are available if you need communication to the outside world.

IME, timing-sensitive peripherals such as DHT11 (temp & humidity), SR04 (ultrasonic ranger) and 433MHz transceivers work more reliably on Arduinos (or clones) as there isn't a multi-tasking OS running.

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