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Google Assistant, home automation, playing music

Fri Jun 25, 2021 4:05 pm

Hi there!

I have successfully setup Google Assistant to run on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Specifically, I've hooked it up to a vintage telephone, with some slight modifications to https://www.tomshardware.com/how-to/tur ... spberry-pi.

However, this assistant doesn't seem to handle every query as compared to the assistant running on my iPhone. I'd like to understand why. In particular, it seems that playing music on speakers in my Google Home setup isn't working. At first I thought it was a Google Home <--> Google Assistant connectivity issue, but commands for the thermostats (Nest) and lights (Philips Hue) work flawlessly through the Pi assistant. Why would the speakers be different? Here's a summary:
  • Command / iPhone Google Assistant result / Raspberry Pi Google Assistant result
    "How far away is the moon" / Responds with answer / Responds with answer
    "Any charging stations nearby" / Responds with list / Responds with spoken list
    "Turn on the living room lights" / Turns on the lights / Turns on the lights
    "Set the kitchen temperature to 75" / Sets the Nest thermostat / Sets the Nest thermostat
    "Play jazz in the living room" / Plays music in the living room / "Sorry, I didn't understand"
    "Stop the music in the kitchen" / Stops the music in the kitchen / "Sorry, I can't do that yet"
I should also mention that I am logging the output of the Pi assistant voice transcription, and that the commands are understood correctly. The speakers in these rooms are Sonos devices, and I have Google Home linked to Spotify.

Any idea what's going on here or places to start looking to get to the bottom of it? Any advice appreciated!

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Re: Google Assistant, home automation, playing music

Thu Jul 22, 2021 8:41 am

There were problems with google assistant in the past weeks. It's probably google. I have something similar via home assistant and node-red. It doesn't always respond even though commands were understood. At least on my android device sometimes i would see "services are not available at this moment". I wouldn't rely on google assistant, it's crappy

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