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X-10 / heyu / etc control

Sun May 09, 2021 3:17 pm

Any one here any experience with x-10 on here?

More precisely, fitting up a RPi with IR receiver to drive heyu commands to activate x-10 devices.

Have had it all running with Alexa/Ha-Bridge/Heyu for years and it all works just fine.

But I have a need, to want to turn on/off X-10 devices from an IR remote.

I do have a HomeVision device that I can use for this, but to save having yet another device, I got to wondering about being able to fit an IR receiver to the GPIO pins and getting that to send heyu on/off commands.

I will go in to the ‘WHY’ I want IR Control this way... if necessary, but don’t feel bringing up that will help... it will just muddy the water.

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Re: X-10 / heyu / etc control

Sun May 09, 2021 9:22 pm

I control several X-10 devices via heyu, which is in turn controlled by a Node-RED dashboard (web page). I'm not currently using an IR receiver, but sounds like it would be very doable. I'm not familiar with just what sort of interface an IR receiver would present to the RPi. Node-RED has an input node that will read a GPIO pin. Would then be easy to connect to a node that issues an appropriate heyu command. Or you could read the GPIO pin(s) on the same or different RPi and publish an MQTT message via a broker which can be subscribed to by a Node-RED node and drive a heyu command. This inspires me to look further into setting up an IR receiver myself.

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Re: X-10 / heyu / etc control

Mon May 10, 2021 5:01 am

I will look that Node Red up

I have seen a couple of very simple circuits to build, with IR RX & TX LED’s , a few passives and a button cell, that connects up to 3 GPIO pins. It was the software side that got me.

I have a Harmony remote.... an absolute turd to be fair... it has ‘Scenes’ but these scenes only operate ‘lights’, (which is how it sees HA-bridge X-10 devices) AT THE END of running the scene.
If your device (TV/amp etc) is powered off,you can’t turn them on to run the rest of the commands like set inputs etc.

My thought was to create a fake x-10 device in Harmony.., that has IR codes firing to start/ power up the X-10 devices to create a scene

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