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Diminished Eavesdrop Raspberry Pi (DERP)

Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:23 pm

TL; DR. This is a Cambridge UK based project which aims to be a 'plug and play' style security and privacy network tool. It is similar to Adafruit's 'Onion Pi' although it differs in some key technical areas and features an open source connectivity and monitoring client which is available on Github.

It has humble beginnings but with community support my mission is to have it become the de-facto hardware security & privacy companion tool (see the proposed features below).

The current project status and feature list is here

A complete introduction to the project is here

The client software is available here

Of course you can make your own, but you can support me and the project by buying a ready to go box here

My intentions are to add features democratically and proportional to the amount of interest received. If nobody cares then hopefully you can at least gain something from the source code.

This has been on my to-do list for a while but was re-inspired by the Edward Snowden NSA revelations, what do you guys think?
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