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Devon Mafia
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PC connected to wireless, PI Etherneted 2 PC, want web on PI

Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:38 pm

I got a (unstable) wireless connection to a router, the router is pretty inaccessible to me, the PI can be connected to my PC (netbook) with a cat5 cable and i can use putty to access the linux dos thing (whats it called)

Im pretty sure i could get the hardware drivers from that command line, i dont know how to configure it, i dont know how to configure the browsers the PI came with either but i havn't been able to get past a complication with the PI and a bluetooth keyboard connected to the PI with a USB!

On top of that does anyone know some linux language, it would be fun to communicate with my PC from the PI, maybe get some bash script to get something from windows and do someting with it, know any handy keywords and have any fun ideas for simple code?

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