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(Raid of) USB flash drives as storage

Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:12 pm


I'm using a RasperryPi as a personnal server (web server, owncloud, opendTTD server,...).
This is for personnal use, I don't expect to have thousands of visitors on my server for now.

Currently, the only storage I have is the 8GB SD card I use for the system.

I was wondering which solution I should use...
I need :
* More storage space (I don't need hundreds of GB... ~30GB could be enough)
* Reliability (I don't want to loose the data I put in Owncloud or the web server data base..)
* Cheap

I don't need :
* very fast, performances,...
* a lot of space

I know that backups are important to avoid loosing data.

I could use
* A USB hard drive
* One or more USB Flash drive.

It seems that the USB Hard drive would be the best solution, but what do you think about using 2 USB flash drives in RAID?
I was thinkink about a RAID1 of 2 16/32Gb USB flash drive. This would consome less power, I wouldn't need to add a power supply for the HD, and I wouldn't need to worry about spinning down the hard drive,...
But I don't know how flash drives perform in RAID, if the flash memory would wear too quickly.

Can you give me your thoughts about that?
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Re: (Raid of) USB flash drives as storage

Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:27 pm

Did you ever get anywhere with this?

I have two things I need to solve here;
pi01 will run 2 or more usb hard drives in raid 1 for data security, but I thought of trying a flash raid 5 on the other for database access speed.

Just wondering what you decided and what you ended up with.


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