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Raspberry Pi as a NAS

Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:32 pm

I have a DNS-323 NAS on my home network that I use only for serving files. I have two 1 TB disks in a RAID 1 array. The specs for the DNS-323 are:

CPU = 500 Mhz Marvell 88F5181 proprietary Feroceon ARM CPU
RAM = 64MB
IDE controller = Marvell 88X7042
LAN = Marvell 88E1111

I have been thinking that a fun project would be to setup a Raspberry Pi as a NAS on my network. From reading the boards, it seems like this can be done fairly easily with a USB external disk and Samba. I guess my question is does anyone know how the performance might be in comparison with the DNS-323. The specs of the Pi are better but I am wondering if the USB connection to the disk might be a bottle next. I really do not know much about how all of this stuff works.

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Re: Raspberry Pi as a NAS

Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:18 am

It really depends on what sort of performance you need.
I had a quality SAN on a 100Mb switch a while back and it was completely unusable for my needs. Remembering the 100Mb port on the Raspberry and that's already the limit.

If you're talking about things like Word document storage however it will be completely acceptable.

The NAS you have isn't exactly performance grade (mainly based on the disks in it) so you may find them comparable.

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