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RPi home server

Sat Mar 07, 2020 7:29 pm

Hi folks!

For quite a while I wanted to set up a home server, learn Linux and, as it turned out, there weren't many newbie friendly tutorials out there. Or at least I couldn't find them... So when I learned a thing or two I figured that I should better document what I am doing, since there's just too much to remember. And that is how I started writing tutorials. Mostly for myself and as newbie friendly as possible, focusing on live examples. Besides, if you can explain something you understand it better.

Since I gained from 'community knowledge' I can give something back. There are a few more on the website itself, but I feel like the below are the most interesting:

If anybody has a compulsive need to correct people – have at it :) Any upgrade would be welcome. Or if there's an easier way of doing something, share. – newbie friendly raspberry tutorials

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