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[RPi3B+] Accessing RPi network attached devices through VPN

Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:54 am


I have configured my RPi3B+ to act as a hotspot and router. This RPi will be deployed somewhere in a field or outside of my local network area, maybe even miles and miles away.



1 x Raspberry Pi 3B+
1 x hologram Nova 3G/LTE dongle
1 x ethernet cable
1 x Raspberry Pi 3B+ case
1 x Raspberry Pi official power adapter
1 x hologram included antennae
1 x SIM (Rogers in Canada)

(OpenVPN Server)

1 x Raspberry Pi 3B+
1 x ethernet cable
1 x Raspberry Pi 3B+ case
1 x Raspberry Pi official power adapter


- Raspberry Pi 3B+ should work as a hotspot that routes internet access from both WLAN0 and ETH0 interfaces - Done
- Raspberry Pi 3B+ should connect to a Raspberry Pi VPN server
- Raspberry Pi 3B+ should allow, once connected to the VPN, access and viewing of attached network devices (either through eth0 or wlan0) from the server network (at home)
- Raspberry Pi 3B+ should essentially show up, along with attached network devices (either eth0 or wlan0), as local devices and should allow ssh or other services to connect/control any device in the deployed network.

[Plea for help]

I have been stuck with this issue for quite a while now, I have completed the hotspot part, where it allows devices to connect to the RPi3B+ And they have access to internet.
Also within that small network, devices attached through either eth0 and wlan0 can see each other and ssh or ping each other.
So what I’d like to get working with your help of course, is to install OpenVPN as a client in the RPi3B+ Hotspot to connect to my OpenVPN server at home. I have successfully created a VPN at home using PiVPN which uses OpenVPN as a base, just basically the simplest setup out there. I have tested access to the VPN using a laptop client.
However I cannot get the RPi3B+ to connect to the VPN as a client, it somehow ruins the hotspot.
Once this VPN client is working I would like to expand some of it’s capabilities to allow the server control/connect to attached network devices.


I have read somewhere that I need a layer 2 VPN, which allows the hotspot to act as part of the local network at home; which would give me all the features that I’m looking for. However I’m not a networking engineer, and I’m not getting any younger (lol)

I have also tried different approaches of the OpenVPN setup, however in every instance except for the PiVPN, it requires certificates to be created, which again, it’s above me for now.

[Thank you]

I would greatly appreciate everyone’s help in this matter, I have been trying to crack this one for almost 4 months now, and I lost a bit of momentum with personal stuff and also not getting anywhere.

Please don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you want, anything to make this happen!


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