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Mounted disks, users, permissions and FTP

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:47 am
by cleveridiot
Hi all,

New to linux so I'm finding things out as I need them.

Can someone help me in the right direction?

I want to use my pi as an FTP server for multiple users. I'm using Proftpd and everything works fine.
I have created a few users, created a group and put the users in the group.
I can use setfacl to modify permissions of some shared ftp folders to read-only and everything works as intended.

However, some folders I share over FTP are mounted USB disks (/dev/sda2 mounted to /mnt/showdisk)
Then I have used

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sudo mount -o bind /mnt/showdisk/Shows /home/ftp/Shows
to bind the Shows directory to the home folder I share over FTP with the users.

The problem: I can not get the right permissions set to that bound directory. I unmounted everything, set the permissions on the folders and then they are correct, but after mounting they lose that permission state. As if they enherit from the source. But I can't set the new permission to the source either. I get no error message after

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sudo setfacl -Rdm g:ftpreader:r-x /home/ftp
which is what I use for other non-mounted directories just fine.

Hope someone can help me out and seve me another countless hours trying to get this to work.