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PiServer working with Synology NAS

Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:24 am

I have just been building a PiServer with my A Level students wondering how to transfer all the lesson material from my Synology NAS drive account to the PiServer. Simple answer is to log onto a RP using a PiServer Account and then use the Synology NAS IP address in a web browser to access the folders in my account. Activate the Smart Drag/Drop option on the Synology Page, set the Webpage Download to the shared folder on the RP and Bobs your Uncle. :D

File Transfers also work full duplex so students can copy files/documents across the different plateforms. :geek:
My other computer is a VIC20.

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Re: PiServer working with Synology NAS

Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:27 pm

That's one way to do it.
Another option would be to let Piserver clients access the shared folder with the lesson materials on your Synology NAS over NFS.

1) go to the Synology webinterface (DSM) -> "Control panel" -> "shared folders" -> "edit" the existing shared folder you want to make available or create a new shared folder.
- > then go to the tab "NFS permissions" and press "create"


-> Grant read-only access to the subnet your Pi clients are in.

Subnet need to be entered in CIDR format.
E.g. if all your Pi are assigned IP-addresses like 192.168.178.x enter
If 192.168.x.x enter

Press "ok".
Take a note of the "mount path" (in my example /volume2/schoolstuff )

2) In the Piserver GUI: go to tab "software" -> select your Raspbian installation -> press "shell"

Code: Select all

mkdir /mnt/schoolstuff
leafpad /etc/fstab
Add a line like:

Code: Select all   /mnt/schoolstuff      nfs     defaults,nolock,nofail,x-gvfs-show,x-gvfs-name=School%20stuff    0       0
Where is the IP of your Synology NAS, and /volume2/schoolstuff is the mount path from the previous step.
Using the "x-gvfs-name" option you can specify what friendly name the shared folder should have in open/save file dialogs. Replace spaces with %20

At least that's for read-only access to a shared folder.
(Getting read-write to work in a secure manner is more complicated.
If the usernames and passwords to login to the Synology are the same as used in Piserver you can edit /etc/security/pam_mount.conf.xml to tell the Piserver client to automatically login to a CIFS or SFTP/SSHFS file share with the user's password)

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