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Set up network configuration doubte

Thu May 16, 2019 7:28 pm


I am currently working in a project that would be an electronical game for 4 people. The game is powered by an arduino mega now.

The next step is to clone the game, so more than 4 people can play at once. ( 4 for each game). Each arduino is communicated by uart with an esp8266 and each esp8266 is communicated with a raspberry pi throw MQTT.

The main idea is that raspberry pi with a python script controls all the esp8266 and also display videos throw HDMI.

I attach some schematic of the hole set up.

This games would be mobile so we need to create and WIFI network to each time to communicate all the "games".

My doubt is the following one: I created the wifi network with my raspberry pi or would be better to buy a commercial router?.

Also we have to take in to account that in some point I would like to connect the raspberry pi throw internet.

I have suggested a basic setup. Is this possible?

I attach some schematic of the hole set up.

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