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Wireless VPN Server

Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:03 pm

Wanting to set-up a VPN server, I set about configuring a pptp server on my pi.

This was easy to achieve and works extremely well. However in order to make this more practical I went about setting the pi up with a wireless dongle (Netgear N1). Again this was easy with the new raspbian distro and no problem to configure.

My problem occurs when the VPN is accessed when the pi is on wireless and not wired ethernet. Upon trying to connect the client times out. When I inspect the pi, the light on the wifi adapter is off and it completely unresponsive. I pull the plug, restart and pi boots fine again.

Anybody else tried this? Not sure where to begin sorting this one out and can't understand why it would crash over wifi and not wired ethernet.


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