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OpenVPN client always uses tun1, never tun0?

Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:28 am

Ok, back with another OpenVPN client question using multiple simultaneous hosts.

I have two client config files in /etc/openvpn
One goes to HostA, the other goes to HostB and I see both tun0 and tun1 in ifconfig with inet addr as expected: (tun0) and (tun1)

Independently tested, both of these servers work as expected. But with both client config files loaded and both tun1 and tun0 active, OpenVPN seems to only use tun1. If I stop OpenVPN server on tun1, I'm dead. It doesn't use tun0 and just returns wget with timeouts.

I'm trying to set this up with dual hosting so that if HostB goes dark or HostA goes dark, the other will still give me a connection.

Any ideas, things to check, more information needed?

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