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Wifi to Ethernet - port forwarding

Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:02 pm

I have a primary router which is connected to my private network's router via Raspberry Pi. It looks like this:
WAN -> Router ( -> RPi (eth -> (wlan -> my router (, so rpi acts as a 'bridge' between two routers using dnsmasq. I followed this tutorial ... p?t=132674

Internet is working fine but how can I redirect ALL my traffic from my router xx.xx.10.1?
Before using Rpi I had one more router doing exactly the same thing but I could do port forwarding or even better forward all traffic using DMZ. Is something like DMZ possible on raspberry pi?

To make it very clear, simple example:
Emby server is on, port 8096, I forwarded it to WAN (which is RPi) but it doesn't go any further. How can I access it from Internet?
I can access RPi from Internet so the first router xx.xx.1.1 is configured properly.

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