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USB/RS-232, Ethernet and Bluetooth link with Raspberry PI 3

Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:23 pm


I am working on an internship project (see figure below which is a schematic summary of the project), which aims to transfer data from a passenger counting system to an OAS (Operation Assistance Systems to the Passenger Information - a screen that is in public transport vehicles following fairly recent communications protocols following a new network standard for public transport (

Our metering system connects with the OAS in RS232, but the standard requires an Ethernet link, so all public transport (OAS) will be equipped with Ethernet ports to communicate with embedded systems according to communication protocols defined according to this standard (FTP, SSH, DHCP, mDNS ...).

Our metering system is not equipped with Ethernet port and does not support certain protocols (like SSH, for a remote control), would not be able to meet the requirements of the standard.

The proposed solution is to make the communication between the OAS and the counting system via a Raspberry PI 3 which will act as a gateway to convey this data, knowing that it is able to support all existing network protocols and has an Ethernet port and can make an RS232 link (Super!).

First, we will want to make the connection between the Raspberry PI 3 and the counting system (USB / RS232 [url] [/ url]).

Then to transmit the data collected by the Raspberry PI 3 to the OAS in Ethernet! and a Bluetooth link between the counting system and a computer.

:?: So my questions are:

How to make the RS232 link between the RPI3 and the counting system, and thus exchange the data?

How to make an Ethernet connection with the Raspberry PI and the OAS by sending the data collected according to the protocols configured on this Raspberry?

Knowing that I use the bluetooth embedded for the connection between the RPI and the PC, is there another solution without disabling bluetooth?
Diagram summarizing the project.png
Diagram summarizing the project
Diagram summarizing the project.png (26.46 KiB) Viewed 283 times
Thank you all :)

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