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Configuring multiple ip cameras

Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:50 pm

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone could share some knowledge on how I would go about connecting 4 ip cameras to my Raspberry Pi 3. This will then keep an active connection to the wireless as well as the cameras ensuring they can be accessed from any connected device ?

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Re: Configuring multiple ip cameras

Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:36 am

Not sure what you´re trying to achieve here...

Have you already got the IP cameras running, and able to view them from their IP address ?
Do the IP cameras have wired and/or wireless interfaces ?
Do you have an existing wireless network that you are wanting to connect RasPi and cameras to; or do you want to use the RasPi as a Wireless Access Point with the cameras and other devices connected ?
Or are you wanting the RasPi to record video from the cameras ?

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Re: Configuring multiple ip cameras

Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:52 pm

There are some applications that do this sort of thing. Zoneminder comes to mind. I think the problem is that the Raspberry's USB is not fast, so if you're connecting four USB cameras it could get bogged down. AFAIK, the Raspberry's ethernet is USB affiliated, so the same issue could affect IP cameras I would think. This could be mitigated to some extent by using low resolution in both the camera(s) and the monitoring apps (something like 320x240 is what I typically use, but not on four cameras). Four cameras may not be optimal.

Also, I use a motion-detection app that only captures motion frames, and I run only 10 frames-per-second. This makes monitor processing easier, but the camera bandwidth is still a problem.

There are some USB-3.1 UVC cameras out there that do DMA access, supposedly reducing the processor load of the camera. This might be a great thing for a Pi level device, but we're still waiting on the USB 3 or 3/3.1 upgrade. According to this site, I guess there's a potential security issue possible with the USB 3/3.1 infrastructure, so that'd be another thing to consider: ... to-usb-dma
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