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streming and torrinting to a routers hdd

Wed May 17, 2017 12:09 am

Hi all

I want to have a external hdd on my router and be abul to use the hdd for torrinting and streaming vedios.
I have an odroid xu4 and piZERO.

I need the xu4 to stream media(vedios) from the other side of the house. The ZERO w/raspbian cant play all my vedios.
And I ned one or the other to be a 24/7 torrent box. (ate the moment I have the odroid ux4 runing kodi, PIA(vpn) and the 24/7 torrent box is ran thru usb 3)

Is the best way to have the odroid ethernet pluged in to my laptop(on other side of houes from router) or wifi for streaming torinting. And wuld this restrict my laptop bandwith for internet ? (DSL At&t)
Or is it beader to have the rasbary pi zero ethernet pluged/wifi in to the router and be ran as a torrent box ?

Any sujestions, sorces and/or guides wuld be greatly apresheated !

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