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[Pi-0W] Wanting to make a Wifi Adapter that's also an AP

Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:32 pm

I know the Pi Zero can act as a device you plug into computer via USB and the computer goes 'Oh this is a USB device.' The idea for what i want has two parts to it:

Ideally there would be a slide/switch and either a super capacitor or other way to mantain power for a graceful shutdown if the user decides to just kill power to their machine.

Part 1: Wifi Dongle.
If the Selector Switch is set to 'Wifi' (and it detects it's connected to something that transmits data as opposed to just a wall wart) I want to be able to plug the Pi into a windows machine, linux, Mac, Whatever, and that machine goes 'oh hey this thing is a wifi dongle. I have wifi now.'

Alternitively you plug pi into computer as wifi node your computer sees it is connected to 'Pi Network.' and when you open your web browser you get a web page that has a dropdown list of avalible wifi networks s detected by the pi, a password field for whatever network, security protocol, and then a set of options below that on if you want ad blocking, or (whatever other security measures can be thought up to add.)

Would be nice if this also included a link to setup the AP mode options so that if you want to admin the AP node you MUST have a hardware connection (and can't just SSH in unless you've enabled it.)

Part 2: AP Node
If the selector switch is set to AP Mode or if the Pi detects no data (like, if it's plugged straight into a wall wart instead of a computer) you get a Piratebox variant. Capture Portal, a files section, wiki, Image-Board (basically Piratebox 1.1.3, but made friendlier.) The big difference between this and piratebox is I'd like to be able to have an admin account so that admin logs in and can go through all the files that have come in, put them from the quarantine bucket into the public facing area, go through personal messages written to them, delete image board posts, and so on.

Case: Ideally the selector switche, any additional LEDs, and whatever power/capacitor solution allows for a graceful shutdown of the Pi if it detects no power through the USB adapter would be purely part of the case, allowing the user to unscrew case and pull the pi out to reuse in other projects or replace with a newer pi down the road when the next variant comes out.

I can do the software bits. However as i have exceedingly poor vision, no access to a soldering iron, and no experience soldering the case is not something I can fabricate on my own. I put the preferred case design up in case someone wants to run with this idea. What i can do is the software bits so you plug pi into computer that has no wifi and now it does, or plug it into wall socket and it is an AP node.

If someone else makes this I will not be mad. If someone else monotizes this. Eh, you got to it first, I'd like credit, but you put the legwork in. I just want to see this done because it seems potentially useful.

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