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Problems setting up Raspberry Pi VPN Router

Thu May 05, 2016 8:25 pm

Hi all,

I am really hoping there is someone that can help me here.

I've been trying to set up a RPi VPN Router according to the guide at The idea is to set up a router directly to my Sky box in order to circumvent the country restrictions (I'm in France). I was hoping to plug the ethernet from the SKY box into the RPi and then use the WiFi to hook up with the adsl modem, however I can't seem to get the VPN to start when I start up the RPi (I'm using Raspberry Pi 3).

I get the following error messages when the RPi starts up.
[FAILED] Failed to start OpenVPN connection to London.
See 'systemctl status [email protected] for details.
[FAILED] Failed to start OpenVPN connection to UK.
See 'systemctl status [email protected] for details.
[FAILED] Failed to start OpenVPN connection to UK\x20London.
See 'systemctl status [email protected]\x20London.service for details.

I presume it has to do with that the PIA (PrivateInternetAccess) files in question are with a space in the name (UK London.conf etc). I tried to do everything with ' ' to ensure it would work, but still same problem. What do I do? Could I have missed something?

Also what do I need to make sure that the Ethernet is tunnelled to the WiFi on the RPi?

Any help on this matter would be really appreciated.


(I am good with computers but I feel like a beginner when it comes to anything Linux related...)

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