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MP3 download server

Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:33 am

Using a Pi 2 or 3, I would like to create a MP3 download server.

That is a Wi-Fi device, for use at church, put previous 2 months sermons on the server, then when members of the congregation are at church, they can connect using Wi-Fi on their cellphones or tablets, connect to the AP, get a web page, that lists the sermons, Title/Subject, Pastor, and date.

Then they click/select the sermon they wish to have a copy of, and it gets downloaded to their device.

Not expecting more than 8-10 simultaneous downloads at a time.

How feasable would this be, and would anything other than a webserver - lighttpd - be required - apart from the access point - just connect, get a page that explains how to proceed - no username or password required.

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Re: MP3 download server

Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:58 pm

Will you be using a seperate WiFi AP /Router ?

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Re: MP3 download server

Sun Mar 13, 2016 5:28 pm

The Pi would supply the Wi-Fi access point, run the Web server - and the files would be on a USB device attached to the Pi. The system would be stand alone, not networked anywhere. The MP3 files should be downloaded and not played or be streamed, to the cellphones or tablets. They must also not need to be compressed using ZIP, RAR etc. Wanted to try putting a rough and ready system together this afternoon, but time and effort events dictated otherwise. :(

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Re: MP3 download server

Sun Mar 13, 2016 6:39 pm

java wrote: Wanted to try putting a rough and ready system together this afternoon, but time and effort events dictated otherwise. :(
Just put the mp3 files in the main data directory of whatever the web server is and it should just serve them up, not very pretty looking though since it will just look like a directory in many web servers.
You could write a program that updates the index.html file with whatever mp3, jpg and info files you add to this directory. So you just fill it up with new data as you get it and run update and everyone is set with a nice page ready to download. Better yet, someone else can just put the new files in a directory and double click on update and things are good. You could also have the web page update itself whenever it was viewed but this risks something going wrong with the update since you can't exactly view it as a known quantity if it updates every time it is used.

I would make sure that the names used for the, in the above scenario, three files connect them to each other, that is only the extension is different, and sort based on date order using only the name.

The following is more of a general rant on the concept of file names in media material than a direct response to your question:

You've probably already got a naming scheme but I'll just toss this out because it drives me so crazy when someone goes completely off into left field on this.

Don't use quotes of any kind in the name. They have to be escaped and on a command line sometimes it doesn't even work right without going through some serious hoops.

Avoid any characters that need to be escaped other than the space and perhaps the comma which are important for readability. Include the date in such a way that the system sorts properly and isn't ambiguous based on location format, but really make it sort based on an incrementing number, like "Church Name service 104 11-06-2015 Name of person speaking, Name of the podcast, What it is about.mp3". This does have the ambiguity that it isn't always clear whether the day or month is first. Note the use of the leading 0 to improve sorting.

This isn't needed if you are numbering your files which works great with tab completion on the command line! Just don't put the number too far into the name or tab completion requires more key presses, certainly if there are different initial file names. I think it's Berkeley that likes to not have a lecture number on their files and instead includes a crazy confusing date when the lecture took place like 15Jan15. This doesn't even sort right.

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Re: MP3 download server

Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:03 am

Naming scheme currently in use is as follows;

Title + Name - Title/Subject - date

Pastor John Smith - Need For FForgivness - 03032016.mp3

Father John Smith - Need For Forgiveness - 03032016.mp3

Am I likely to have issues with that.


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