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Setting up an 'all in one' wiki/static pages/forum questions

Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:06 pm

Note: When I say 'raspberry pi' I mean the Raspberry Pi 2.

Hardware. The big idea I have is 'take raspberry pi, put it in a weatherproof case, attach it to batteries and solar cells, and have it have two wifi things: one to connect to the internet, the other for people to connect to.' I actually kinda want to run it using a solar electric fence generator, but I don't know if that's possible. I really want it to be outdoor, even if I have to plug it in somewhere, pretty much since the concept I have is 'this thing can act as a wifi repeater extending out from home router to barn, outbuildings, or whatever that normally don't get a useable signal.'

That's the hardware end of things. Software is a bit trickier since while there is a lot I want to try doing, I am surrounded by people that generally aren't technically inclined so wouldn't be able to help me narrow down what services would be useful. That or I'm simply poor at communicating. Either way I'm working off an idea that might or might not work.

What I want this server to host/do. Not all of them will make it into the final form. These are all just things I think are interesting and would like to see how unreasonable to do they are.
* As soon as a browser is opened you are taken to a landing page that gives a short set of links for on browser things (filedump, wiki, forums, etc.) This is something I want as a feature for anything else. Would be kinda nice if I could give an easy way to go back to this page. Bonus points if users can navigate to google/youtube/whatever when an internet connection is detected, and when not all page requests for things out of server hit a 404 page that points back to things on server.
* Discourse. I like how BoingBoing's forums work, it's open source, but I don't know if it's too heavy of an application, especially if the server sees a lot of use. If Discourse is not doable because Ruby on Rails is too heavy, what better alternatives exist?
* User-Editable Wiki. Bonus if Anonymous editable, but individual pages can be locked to only allow logged in users to edit.
* Blogging/Microblogging. Think Twitter, preferrably with the ability to upload photos.
* Static Pages. Could even be User profiles for wiki/Discourse/Etc. Could be static FAQ pages or Howto's.
* File Upload/Download. I want two sections for this. One section for things that users can only download (example, an image for the whole server setup. ebooks. free music/images.) The other that users can flag, and if a file gets flagged enough it gets deleted. Bonus points if there's a way to sort by metadata tags users add (ie tag audio as music, genre, artist, etc. Tagging a document by author, fiction/nonfiction, genre, etc. zip/etcs according to gaming/non gaming, genre, etc.)
* Youtube like interface for video/audio having individual pages that give information about, the ability to rate/like, possible links to useful information, and comments.
* What games could this act as a local server for while doing web hosting over wifi? How much better would it be plugged into a router that machines are plugged into instead of wifi?

I do not know if more than just Me would find this useful locally. However the concept seems interesting. I just don't know if this is going to be practical. I suppose it's a bit like 'internet in a suitcase' you can plug in and turn on when no web exists, which would be very useful if net goes out. I am not sure how much of this is doable off a simple Pi2, but these are all the 'server' ideas I have so put it all in one page and see what the community deems doable, already been done, or pie in the sky.

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Re: Setting up an 'all in one' wiki/static pages/forum quest

Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:40 pm

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Re: Setting up an 'all in one' wiki/static pages/forum quest

Sat Jul 11, 2015 4:34 pm

Piratebox is where I originally got the idea. Thing is all it does is a filedump with maybe a shoutcast box.

As for the all in one wordpress thing. Looks nice but I want more than just a self hosted blog. That seems to be the main thing. Everything I want t odo has been done. IT's the 'doing everything together' bit that seems to be an isue.

Good links though, thank you.

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