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[Project] Pi2 Router|VPN|NAS|Torrents

Mon May 25, 2015 9:15 pm

* Distro - DietPi
* Firewall - UFW
* Router - HostAPD?
* DHCP - dnsmasq
* VPN - SoftEther*
* NAS - Samba
* Torrents - Transmission

* Pi2
* Case
* 5V 2A power adapter
* 4GB MicroSD
* Wi-Fi dongle with external antenna
* 5TB Seagate Expansion 3.5"

Working items are marked green, partially working are orange, not installed / not purchased yet are marked red, details I am not sure about are marked with ?.

* - my Pi2 is located behind NAT with firewall I have no control over, thus SoftEther VPN is the only working solution due to it's ability to penetrate NATs. However, since there is no Android/iOS client and SoftEther VPN relying on built-in clients instead, Android and iOS devices are unable to reach the server as of yet.

Setting up VPN was the hardest part of the project due to my network configuration, everything else seems quite simple. At the moment I am awaiting a suitable wifi dongle.

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