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hosting a simple web site / page on the same pi as pi-hole

Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:28 pm

I have a Pi2 dedicated to running Pi-Hole and OpenVPN (installed via PiVPN)

Id like to create a very basic web page and have it hosted on the Pi.
I will only access it from within my network at home, so no external / public access is required.

I ask this question as Pi-hole has a front end web gui.
It also runs on port 80.

Is it possible to effectively serve 2 websites on 1 Pi?
How would be best to achieve this, Apache? Which uses port 80?
Basic folder structure at the minute is something like

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Within this folder are 2 folder...pihole and admin
There are also various files in the html folder, such as index.php, which I believe is the landing page for a blocked site on Pi-hole.

All write ups ive read on Apache seem to use the above folder and index.php for the site?
But I 'already am' for pi-hole?

Not sure if im over thinking this...?

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