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Portable Stereo System (12v / 5v)

Thu Dec 11, 2014 12:21 pm


I'm looking to build a portable stereo system using a 12v AMP, some 2" and 4" speakers that I've butchered from a broken system (AMP died) and I am looking to house this in a cheap clone of a Pelican case.

I was going to also include a 5v bluetooth dongle allowing me to pair my phone but then I also started thinking about adding a Pi (hence the post on here) and turning it into an open source equivalent of those Revo SuperConnect WiFi/DAB/DAB+/FM Internet Radios, we've had one in the kitchen for years and its been great!

The Case

It's an older version of this; ... rior-n14gr
I never ended up using it for what I bought it for, so I am keen to take a Dremel to it.

The Amp

I've found a cool amp; Mini Hi-Fi 2.1 Audio Stereo Amplifier Power Digital Amp Motorcycle Car DC 12V 2A

This has a subwoofer out so I'll be able to power one or two of the sub speakers off of this and the tweeters off of the other socket.... hopefully! I may need to build a crossover but I'll worry about that after I've heard what it sounds like!


I wanted to power this via a battery at some point. Does anyone have any advice for how I could include a battery and charging system into this? Is there any best practices in doing this?

More Noob Questions

How can I get all these bits to mount to the inside of the case? Is there any sort of chassis kit that I can buy or make?

I'll keep updating here as I go, as I'm looking to spend a little time at Xmas fiddling with this :)

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Re: Portable Stereo System (12v / 5v)

Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:06 pm

Just a suggestion... have you noticed that hifiberry sells an amp board that can be directly attached to a raspberry pi. It can also power the RPi from a 12v source (perhaps a small form factor battery, or recharchable C-battery pack?)

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Re: Portable Stereo System (12v / 5v)

Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:16 pm


Did you ever finish this project? I am curious how you powered the amp via battery with 12V. I am looking to do something similar.


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