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Pi + Bluray rips (m2ts) stuttering

Wed Oct 15, 2014 3:45 am

I'm using rasbmc with overclocked settings. At some point an update was pushed to my rasbmc and I can't watch stutter-free Bluray rips from my library anymore. I'm accessing from an USB3 drive using NFS.

I've tried different overclocking settings. Here's what I'm at now. No matter -- every minute or so I get a freeze in the video, followed 10 seconds later by horrible stuttering. Is there some setting that might have changed? Or am I just dreaming and Bluray's never played stutter free, and they don't for anyone?

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Re: Pi + Bluray rips (m2ts) stuttering

Mon Oct 27, 2014 3:55 pm

It possible it's a coincidence and nothing was pushed to your Raspbmc. What sort of network are you streaming the content over? HD video consumes a significant chunk of bandwidth to if you're attempting to do this wirelessly or if something is using bandwidth at the same time (such as a family member downloading something or surfing the web), it would make sense that you're having issues that sound like buffering problems or dropped packets.

It doesn't really matter if the drive is connected via USB3 or USB2 to whatever remote computer you are accessing it from. The Pi's 100 Mbit network connection will limit the throughput to USB2 speeds. Do you have any USB device attached to the Pi itself? The Network port is actually connected via an internal ethernet to USB adapter so any device sharing the USB Bus will impact your overall performance.

If it does turn out that some update affected the network driver, to test you can check out the documentation on rpi-update to roll back to a previous firmware version.
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