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Automatically remux MKV to M2TS

Fri Oct 04, 2013 1:54 pm

I've recently set up my Raspberry Pi as a media server and NAS. I have it connected directly to my router via ethernet and I have two external HDDs connected via USB. I'm using Transmission to download torrents, MiniDLNA for media streaming and Samba to access the files on my Windows PCs. It's going fine apart from one problem, the BluRay player I'm using as a client (Sony BDP S370) will not play back AVC files smoothly if they are in an MKV container. However, if they're in an M2TS container, the playback is flawless.

I have thought of two possible solutions to this problem:
1) When an MKV file is downloaded to a specific folder on my USB hard drive (e.g. from a torrent), a script is run that automatically remuxes it to M2TS, then deletes the original file. I know that Transmission can automatically run scripts once torrents downloads are complete. Or,
2) I somehow get MiniDLNA to report MKV files as M2TS to the BluRay player.

I'm not to sure how to implement either of them, although the first idea seems more reasonable than the second.
Any ideas?

Many thanks

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Re: Automatically remux MKV to M2TS

Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:08 pm

From what I understand, ps3mediacenter does mkv => m2ts already on-the-fly, so you could replace MiniDLNA with ps3mediacenter. The performance of the rpi might not be up to this, so the best option might be converting files from download finish triggers in transmission. avconv (or ffmpeg) commands should be able to do mkv => m2ts repacking without having re-encode files - just need a little script file to-do the magic.

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