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Re: Use Pi as a Plex Media Server

Thu May 26, 2016 9:19 am

I run Openelec Kodi Isengard on a Pi 2
All media is on a 2TB USB drive and it plays everything I can throw at it, including OGG, OGV, FLV and loads of old formats. It can play from a network share too if you dont want a USB drive attached, I regular do this to test a file before copying to the Pi.

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Re: Use Pi as a Plex Media Server

Sat May 28, 2016 10:20 am

OpenElec or LibreElec are the next two things I will try. I just liked the idea of not having to switch the UI on my tv to watch my own media. Everything I consume is over the Apple TV at the moment. The Plex app just seems to be a great addition.

Any recommendation for hardware I could use to runnplex server instead? I'm open for NAS or one board computers or whatever is out there.

BTW I read that some people made it happen to power a disk drive via the RPI 3 USB ports without additional power source. Couldn't find any recommendation though. Do you have one?

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Re: Use Pi as a Plex Media Server

Sat May 28, 2016 11:50 am

Tinko wrote:Most of the files won't start playing. I just get a spinning wheel. Is that a matter of transcoding?
Any ideas what I could check out to narrow down the cause?
That's not right. An Rpi2 can serve a large library without much issue, as long as you don't transcode. I have it serving iOS apps and atv4, m4v files only, and it works fine.
- Make sure library indexing is finished. It is slow on the Pi.
- With apple clients, use "web optimized" m4v files. Check your m4v files would play with iTunes or Quicktime. Check the file would play on when shared by iTunes.
- Check your preferences (server, player) to make sure some tracks do not trigger transcoding. Subs burning is a common culprit, audio formats too (atv likes AAC or AC3, iOS app only AAC)
- On the iOS app *only*, try disabling "Direct Play". Keep "Direct Streaming" on.
- The web client is likely to trigger transcodes, but YMMV between Chrome, Safari, etc. Better to use the iOS app or the tvOS app.
- If nothing helps, see if your drive is not spinning down or even dismounting and takes so long to startup when you call a movie that the server or client goes into timeout. Make sure your power source is ok, too.
- Of course use ethernet to connect the Pi
- I *think* but haven't verified, that the fastest class-10 SD you can find, the better. I have had a system running on a Sandisk Extreme, replaced it with a Sandisk Ultra, and although both are class-10, I believe the Extreme worked better.
- Also, set transcoding to "fastest" in the server. You never really know when this thing starts thinking it wants to transcode...

Overall, you can probably make it work, if your library is "itunes-compatible" enough.
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Re: Use Pi as a Plex Media Server

Fri Jun 17, 2016 7:36 am


The good news is the Raspberry Pi 3 transcodes rather well, it handles mkv, avi, DivX etc. etc. (the site links below have some demo videos).

The last know working transcoder was in version, however you can install whatever version you need and just replace the transcoder (you must specify a temporary trancoder directory as well)
The fix you can get here:
You can reach ... 993#latest
If the fix does not work on your installation go grab a image..... below.

If you want the latest plex media server image (includes and additional image with Plexpy installed) then head on over here: ... dia_Server

Or if you want a eBook to setup from scratch the latest versions with any storage configuration for streaming head on over here: ... rry_Pi_2_3


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Re: Use Pi as a Plex Media Server

Tue May 29, 2018 1:05 am

If anyone is still interested in the Plex on Pi project Ive got a HOWTO over here if you want to check it out. I tried to make it as simple as possible: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=214655&p=1321050#p1321050
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