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How effective is the RPi at being a Media Centre

Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:26 am

Just ordered my RPi from RS Components (they seem to have lowest dispatch time (1 week)) and i was wondering how effective if the RPi at being a media centre. I was planning on having the RPi tucked away behind my TV and having it ready to go (TV has more than 1 HDMI slot) whenever i wanted to watch a movie. Does the RPi and the software available push out 1080p smoothly, or is 720p its max?

As for software, does anyone have any suggestions of any software (that has a UI) that is good for say keeping a library kind of like iTunes?


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Re: How effective is the RPi at being a Media Centre

Fri Dec 21, 2012 2:12 pm


There, think that's all the bases covered...

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Re: How effective is the RPi at being a Media Centre

Fri Dec 21, 2012 3:52 pm

It's very effective. I have one on each of my kid's TV's so they can watch movies or tv shows from the media server in the house and I have one in my RV on the back bedroom TV. The front TV in the RV is using a Windows 8 system with XBMC and has a 12TB array which I sync to the media server in the house when we are home so we have most of our library while we're on the road. The two systems at home have Cat 5e network cables to the router while the RV system runs off wireless N to a router mounted at the front of the RV.

All three of the Pi's are currently using XBIAN, but I have used OpenELEC and Raspbmc on them as well. OpenELEC seems to get fixes the fastest and seems to have the latest updates to XBMC in it. XBIAN has some overclocking by default which smooths things out and gives me no problems when having to downmix things for the stereo TV's the Pi's are installed on. When I was using it on my main TV with my receiver which handled DD and DTS I preferred OpenELEC but now that I'm on stereo TV's which don't handled DD and DTS I'm all about XBIAN.

Also, 2 of my three are the older 256MB models and one is the 512MB model. The extra memory really helps smooth out the interface a bit but playback is just as smooth on either model.

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