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4K + Ethnic Channels (Arabic / French / Turkish) + Sat Dish (FTA)

Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:27 am

I’ve tried multiple iterations/combinations of hardware/software over the past few years, including:

- original XBMC on Xbox 1
- FTA Satellite Receiver (with Diseqc Motor Powered Dish) ... fun times
- XBMC & Kodi on original Raspberry Pi
- OSMC on RPI 2/3
- LibreElec (4K) on RPI 4 (4GB)

Today I’m looking for an all-encompassing solution, that runs on a single PI, and maybe a HAT. The requirements are:
- be able to stream movies and personal media from a network drive - my current configuration (OSMC)
- ability to add ethnic channels. Was not able to incorporate in OSMC ... only Kodi
- must support 4K - I have a separate RPI 4 with LibreElec
- if possible, enable SatDish control

Anyone been able to incorporate all above on a single RPI 4 ?

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