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[Help needed] bluealsa with apt-x Support

Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:56 pm

Hello dear Raspberry Community

I just bought a Pi 3B+ and firstly was satisfied of the possibilities but now I'm not comming further.
(OS is installed thorugh noobs)

I want to create an audio receiver for an old but qualitative hifi Device I am repairing right now.

Sadly I tried a lot and read a lot in the Internet but did not achieve what I want.

These are some of my sources:

So theres somehow a way to use the aptx codec on Raspberry with the internal bluetooth module...

I installed pulseaudio first for an other application, then bluealsa and some libs.
After that I had no sound at all. So I removed these two and installed again. Now I had normal sound.
But bluetooth did not work anyway. I was able to connect sometimes but mostly there was a error.
But even if I was able to connect I was not able to play any sound over it, but it identified itself as an audio receiver on my phone.

So I didnt even get an SBC receiver, I also never saw the apt-x option.

after trying everything I found on the Internet I thought I'll try it here.

I'm not bad with technics but just rarely used Linux yet. So if you know what's my problem or how to solve it I
would be happy if you could explain it detailled.

Thank you anyway!
Have a good day!

Greetings from Switzerland

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Re: [Help needed] bluealsa with apt-x Support

Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:04 pm

You'll need to decide on BlueALSA or PulseAudio; they WILL conflict with one another. BlueALSA is easiest, but I don't think it supports an AptX sink ( I don't know about later versions of PulseAudio, but you'll need to uninstall BlueALSA first.

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