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Looking for something a 'little' different

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:46 pm
by bubba3
Team, there are some of the planets greatest media servers setup and running on RASPIS everywhere.

I of course always seem to find the 1 rare combination of circumstances that don't work.

However, now I am seeking something slightly different that I believe would be fairly simple, but doesn't appear to be as easy as it sounds.

I have a VOLUMIO rig setup and running at home, it works so well that Im probably going to build another one for my other stereo area.

HOWEVER, if there were an app, server, functions, add in, whatever that would perform the following, I would be in 8th heaven.

Volumio has a cool web interface that will work from anything from my phone, to my tablet, to my NUC attached to my main TV,

BUT the sound/MUSIC is played from wherever the RASPI is.

So it seems to me that a small add in module to VOLUMIO or SOMETHING else should be able to stream the music BACK to my device?

No I have communicated with one of the developers of volumio and he hopes to have that very feature available in the next major release. but theres no release date yet....:(

Again, I mention Volumio just because I worked long and hard getting it running ( if theres a cross walk with a traffic cop AND a red light, Ill always end up taking the path requiring you walk on your hands, blind folded with one leg tied behind your back)

But if someone had a method to run a program from a NOOBS setup of Raspbian, I would be a-ok with that.

But I am willing to test out just about ANYONES ideas.

And to make matters worse, my music collection is stored on USB external HDDs that will be attached to the RASPI via powered hub.

Thanks for any and all ideas.

Re: Looking for something a 'little' different

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:26 pm
by peppy.player
If you are not restricted by Volumio eco-system, you can try streaming functionality of the Peppy player:
It works only with Firefox 51.0 and higher. I didn't touch that functionality for a long time but I hope it's
not broken.