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Entering network credentials with alternate input device

Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:27 pm

I hope I can describe this well enough to get my idea across. I am creating a Raspberry Pi internet radio type of system, and I need the ability to go mobile from home to office of to another home.

The gist of the setup is a Pi B+ board, with a small monitor, an NFC reader board, speaker with volume knob, headphone jack, a small thumb joystick and a few buttons.

The RFID reader will be used by the user to scan tagged pictures to "tune" into and play the correct audio file from a website.

I would like to have the ability for the user to press a button and get a window/prompt to enter the network SSID and password info. I want to use the joystick, if I can to select the letters/numbers/etc. then press a button to lock in the text and go to the password field and enter the password the same way.

I'm picturing doing it like you entered your initials when you got the high school in the 1980's in classic arcade games. Of, is there a better way to do this using another method? This box will be traveling from place to place and I don't want the user to have to open the box and edit a file, and to keep costs down, I am trying to not have a keyboard,

I think that about does it, so am I out of luck? I'm thinking I will have to use PyGame to do the code, but before I get too deep into this I want to make sure it can be dome.

Thank you, in advance for any assistance.

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