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RP3b+ Kodi garbage screen

Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:01 pm

Ok so here's the story:
I'm new to the Rpi world. I got a Pi 3 b+ for free from an electronic parts distributor (Arrow). I want to turn it into a general purpose computer, so for casual web browsing, occasionnal coding and be able to play at least 720p youtube videos smoothly.

I first started by formatting an 32 Go micro sd card ( SD card Formatter, full format) and tried putting NOOB in there. Easy enough. I hook up the board to my TV ( with HDMI) and ask it to install Raspbian. No problem there.
I boot and immediatly launch an update via the terminal.

I notice that video playback on the webrowser is kinda meh ( limited to 360p and framerate is awful) . Apparently, it's relying on the CPU and that's why the performance is dissapointing. To use acceleration and get better performance on videos, people recommend Kodi.
Fine, I install Kodi on Raspbian and make sure to ramp up the memory limit to 256 Mo in the raspberry pi configuration.
I reboot and launch Kodi and here is what I get on the my TV screen


It changes when I move the mouse but it's always an unreadable big pile squares.

So I checked multiple things :
- I tried a beefier power supply ( now it's using a 5V - 5A power supply, connected through the GPIO pins. It should be more than enough)
- I tried multiple HDMI cables
- I tried on another HDMI TV
- I tried installing OSMC ( the dedicated Pi3 image) instead of Raspbian.
- I tried installing Raspian Strech directly without using NOOBS and retry Kodi
- I followed this tutorial : viewtopic.php?f=66&t=192499

Whatever I do, the image output is always the same garbage.
Other than that, the pi is working fine under Raspbian.

So I don't know what to do anymore.
Help :cry: ?

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