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Media Center - speed, smoothness etc

Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:37 pm


I'm contemplating building a media centre out of a pi 3b+ and kodi. Couple of questions, and interested in peoples general thoughts too:

1) can I share any HDD plugged into the pi across ethernet with Kodi and how fast is that likely to be with the new 3b+

2) could kodi allow me to share HDD over internet as a personal google drive / onedrive / dropbox / cloud (that word makes me vomit, clouds belong in the sky), and if Kodi cant do it, is there anything out there that can do it alongside kodi? ideally without port forwarding.

3) how fast is a media centre using kodi likely to be?

4) is there a way to connect an aerial to the pi to watch bog standard terrestrial freeview on it?


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Re: Media Center - speed, smoothness etc

Mon Jul 30, 2018 3:32 am

I am using nextcloudpi on a 3B+ to serve as a dropbox replacement with plexmediaserver installed. I serve music, photo's and video's over my local network to my smart tv's via plex, and I can watch some (small)movies over the internet through the nextcloud browser interface. Music and those same (small) movies work fine locally, but photos seem to take time to load locally. I don't have any issues with this but some people may find this annoying. As for watching OTA, you can use libreelec's Kodi image with a usb tuner to watch OTA video via tvheadend. I have never tried to do all three things with one PI, but seeing as how PI's are so cheap buy another one to run libreelec on and use the other for nextcloud and plex. And btw I am booting from a 80GB usb harddrive and using 2 1TB usb drives, one is my NAS and the other is a mirror of my NAS drive via rsync every Monday morning for redundancy. I've been running this setup for a while without any major issues other than the fact that I am getting close to filling up my 1TB drive and need to upsize.
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