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Line6 UX2 / Raspberry Pi 3 / Spotify - help needed

Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:32 pm

Hey Gals and Guys!
I'm trying to make myself a Spotify streaming device using Raspotify ( Unfortunately, I don't have any good USB DAC / soundcard and I wanted to use my UX2 guitar interface. It doesn't have any support for Raspberry Pi, but Ubuntu has some packages that can make the device running:

Is there any way to install them?

Also, I found some code repo that unfortunately I cannot compile (errors during 'sudo make install')

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Re: Line6 UX2 / Raspberry Pi 3 / Spotify - help needed

Wed Jan 02, 2019 3:30 pm

Driver modules for the UX2 and a number of other Line 6 devices are actually included in the current Raspberry Pi kernel sources, but not in the default Raspbian kernel builds. You can build and install the modules from the kernel sources, or build your own kernel with a modified configuration.

For me, enabling playback from my UX1 on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, was this easy:

- Follow the guide on ... on how to build your own kernel, with one extra step:
- after creating the default build configuration and before building and installing the kernel, modules, and Device Tree blobs, modify the .config file to set the configuration parameters for the necessary modules to "m":

Code: Select all

$ sed -ri "/CONFIG_SND_USB_TONEPORT/ { s/# (\w+).*/\1=m/; i CONFIG_SND_USB_LINE6=m
}" .config
The CONFIG_SND_USB_TONEPORT module should work for the TonePort GX, UX1 and UX2, for other Line 6 hardware you may want to do analogous changes to the lines with CONFIG_SND_USB_POD and CONFIG_SND_USB_PODHD.

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