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Guide: HD Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Plex in Kodi on OSMC.

Wed May 09, 2018 7:20 pm

Hi Guys, I just put together a little guide on an OSMC project I did to get Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Plex all working in Kodi on OSMC in HD. Got it working famously, wife is watching it now.

Have a look and fire me any suggestions etc...

Sites just getting started as well so dont judge too hard! ;)

I followed my steps on the site after writing it and it was comprehensive so feel free to try it yourselves!

https://makingstuffwork.net/technology/ ... kodi-osmc/

I should mention this installs the widevine module from Google for the Netflix DRM, so you will need to accept the user rights as its proprietary, but free. You will also need a valid Netflix and Amazon Prime account to log into the streaming services.

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Re: Guide: HD Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Plex in Kodi on OSMC.

Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:30 am


I've recently got netflix working on osmc, im also trying to install amazon prime using the Sandmann79 repository but when i run the wget command it returns 404 not found despite being able to download it on my windows pc.

Not sure what the problem is, i only bought the pi a couple of days ago so im still learning :D

Thanks for any help :)

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