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Raspberry Pi and Allo Boss DAC

Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:18 am

I'm new to the Rasp Pi, was exposed through an Audio newsletter I subscribe to. Been searching and reading about the little boogers since. Very interested in building a streamer, but would ultimately like to use Rasp Pi as center of HiFi system, including Disc player and HDD along with the streaming capability.

The newsletter poster recommended the newest Pi, along with the Allo Boss DAC hat, and Moode audio as player.

These seem to be good choices, but I've no experience here, and do not wish to make a mistake from the start.

Can anyone advise if it's possible to play SACD's with Rpi? I can purchase a universal Blueray/USB player which will read them, but don't know where to find the software to play....

Also, been looking at some other products, the "Suptronics" products look interesting, but no one responds to messages to the Sales addy....

Anyone have experience with them?


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