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Car Stereo with raspberry pi

Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:53 am


I am new to the whole raspberry pi concept and feel like it's my only plausible solution that would check all of the boxes on a project I'm working on. I have a 2003 ford explorer with a factory amp/sub. The radio is a stock unit without aux or bluetooth inputs. Ideally I want aux, bluetooth, and off line navigation functionality (which is where the pi would come in). I have an obsession with maintaining a factory look in my vehicles.. so an aftermarket radio would be out of the question. The opening for the stock radio is a weird 1.5 Din opening.. which would limit me to a single Din setup anyway if I went aftermarket. I have sourced a factory nav unit from a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid that would fit the opening (the model explorer I have never came with a navigation option). So.. what I want to do is integrate the pi to use the buttons, cd player, and nav screen off the escape radio display (customizing inputs to allow bluetooth and aux access) while working in conjunction with my existing factory radio so that I have a normal am/fm car stereo as well. My questions are:

Is this feasible? I have had success wiring in different oem radios but I'm finding an issue with mounting the radio itself. Ive already been through the ringer on getting a 2007 ford explorer nav unit to work perfectly.. besides the fact that it does not actually fit. Plus the escape radio has Hybrid display buttons that would not be functional if I did a simple rewire.. and the navigation system itself is seriously antiquated. Plus no bluetooth/aux.

What pi model would be a good start to this project? I have seen various starter kits.. what hardware would be most beneficial to this project?

Would wiring a pi to existing components be feasible? I feel keeping the original radio (at least mostly) intact would eliminate the need for new components/rewiring.

Is there a good book to read up on projects (or elements of particular ones) that might be beneficial to this one?

Any help or input would be appreciated!


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