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I wanted to create a standalone wireless media center that we could use to stream video or music to any tablet or cellphone during long road trips we do as a family. I've recently completed using a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I've branded the device as my Mobile Media Spot. I've struggled through a few configurations issues but now it works like a charm.

Simply put, all you need to do to view available content is to :

1 - Power up the pi Zero W board
2 - Wait for the "MobileMediaSpot" wireless network to appear
3 - Provide the right credentials, if not already set, to access the wireless network
4 - Use any media player that supports UPnP discovery to locate the media server : VLC, Kodi, etc
5 - Select the media you wish
6 - Enjoy :)

Configuration highlights

- Pi Zero W + SD Card - Sandisk 120 GB

- F2FS root partition for extended SD card durability
- exFAT data partition for media exchange with Windows/Mac OS

- Minidlna
- Samba

Enabled USB Composite devices
- Mass Storage (add/remove media content from Windows PC)
- Serial Console (cause you will need a backdoor someday if you screw a configuration...)
- Ethernet USB insterface (why not)

Why a central device for such?

Because :
1 - You don't need to load up your cellphone or tablet with media or music. Keep this precious space for something else
2 - Easier to maintain a single media repository than being scattered on multiple devices
3 - The shared content can be accessed by multiple users
- Play music in the car using your phone bluetooth while...
- your significant other catches up on her favorite tv series while...
- your baby boy watches his favorite cartoons so your 8 hour drive to see relatives is not a nightmare :)

For the overall price, around 70$ CAD, it's a real bargain.



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