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Yet another bluetooth issue

Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:03 pm

I am trying to "fuse" my raspberry pi zero W (running Raspbian Stretch) and my smsl sa-36a plus amplifier/bluetooth receiver together as a part of a media center.

My problem is the following:
-bluetooth is paired
-smsl is connected as audio device (in system tray this audio device is selected)
-sound DOES work from browser, but
-sound does NOT work from any other app (tested mpd, and to rule out misconfig I also tested qmmp).

Before rolling back to my "clean" OS backup, I tried messing around with pulse (which, if I am not mistaken is not necessary with stretch). pactl was not showing BT sinks - I am not sure, though, how sound worked (works) from browser then?!

I am greatful for any help.

P.S. Sorry if it is a newb question, I am relatively new to linux...

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