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Where should I report issues: KODI Forum or OSMC Forum?

Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:11 pm

I'm a bit confused as to which forum to report/ask-about issues with my Kodi on my RPi3 board or is it OSMC on RPi3? Given Kodi is a cross platform whizzy-toy I'm guessing here isn't the place

At risk of appearing a bit cranky I'm sort of struggling with the thing. Just updated to the August 17 release and have a different load issues.

Previously I went from a system that I could control via the TV CEC remote but after one release it got broken. Plan B was a wireless mouse and for a couple of months it all worked although it was a bit cranking. I struggled to pan the menu options to anything that was just off screen but it worked, sort-of. The August issue seems to have broken this completely. I liked using the mouse to control Kodi/OSMC because it got around the TV remote not working on one or more guest TVs I used.

The August issue has got the TV CEC remote working but they've totally trashed the mouse control. Now I'm stuffed if I can get the "Music" options (the only bit I really use) to scroll either left/right or up/down using the mouse. Perhaps lucky they fixed the TV remote option.

Being an older guy I have a CD collection. Early on I could use Kodi/OSMC on RPi3 to rip my collection to flash. Now after a number of improvements in Kodi/OSMC I can't. Ripping CDs on my external USB CD/DVD drive stopped working so no more CD's and I don't do streaming. However, I've not tried the August release yet.

Research to date and feedback from forum posting seems to suggest I'm the only one with these problems this end of the solar system. When I wrote software for a living I quickly found out that improvements that stopped working bits, even the obscure bits, needed to be improved a bit more else madness comes. The devil really is in the detail. The point of reporting bit that stop working is to help improve it.

Advice I've found on various support pages and the wiki is largely out of date or now just wrong. I do think Kodi/whatever has a good way to go with respect to default interface and some features before it can be described as other than a bit quirky.
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Re: Where should I report issues: KODI Forum or OSMC Forum?

Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:31 pm

If you are having problems with OSMC, then the OSMC forum is the place to start.
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