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I'm Hacked off with Kodi 17.X

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:33 pm
by RaspISteve
Started using Kodi a while back and was able to rip my favourite CD collection to a USB stick. Used it a occasionally but mostly for viewing my bike videos I took in India.

The other day bought some more CDs the aim being to rip those to the USB stick. I simply want to be able to access my music without having to dive in the cupboard. Unfortunately they made Kodi "BETTER" by releasing Kodi 17.3.

I now find my Pi3B Kodi 17.3 won't recognise an audio CD insertion so no RIPPING or PLAYING but it will recognise a data CD and a movie DVD insertion. Something happened today and for a short while it all worked for audio CD. An hour or two later and it doesn't. I'm hacked off.

I've outline my problems on both the OSMC and Kodi forums. One helpful fellow tells me that people don't rip their audio CD on Kodi as there are far better ways of getting music nowadays. Strange thing is they are still using Kodi to play stuff. Huh?

Kodi 16.X did work OK and ripped my CD collection on my Pi hardware/external DVD drive and Kodi 17.X doesn't. To my mind this means its now broken. The only thing that's changed for me is a different SD boot image.

As a short fix I installed Kodi 17.3 on my old Win7 system and was able to rip the new CDs but only if I used the WMA encoder. The AAC encoder barfs every time at around 75..95% complete on the first track then nothing.

Am I the only one having problems with Kodi 17.X? What am I doing wrong? Am I expecting too much?

Re: I'm Hacked off with Kodi 17.X

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:04 am
by bensimmo
No idea but on Win7 there are loads of program for ripping CDs even Windows Media Player may do it for you. It did last time I popped a cd in a Win7 pc into WMA and in the setting you can select compression.

There may be better rippers on the Pi if Kodi doesn't anymore, I have no idea what though.

Re: I'm Hacked off with Kodi 17.X

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:23 am
by gkreidl
Kodi 17 may simply miss some encoder / decoder packages which are available separately now. Install synaptic, search for "kodi" and you will find a lot of such decoder and encoder packages. Install what you need.

Re: I'm Hacked off with Kodi 17.X

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:35 am
by jamesh
The Raspberry Pi forums are probably not the best place to ask about Kodi issues, but I'll flag this up to a Kodi dev I know to see if he has any comment.

Re: I'm Hacked off with Kodi 17.X

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:44 am
by RaspISteve
Thanks for the input but I'm thinking I didn't explain well enough.

I do have a solution to ripping my CDs, go and use my Win7 Kodi, its a pain transferring files but that's not an issue for here.

Maybe I'm the last one on the planet with a free standing DVD/CD drive and using it with a Raspberry Pi with OSMC/Kodi. I did outline my problems on the Kodi forum using the RaspberryPi and Windows sub forums. The moderator recognised my problem as being music related and moved both posts to the Music subset. I don't think its my music, nothing wrong with "Lindisfarne" or "Gerry Rafferty" its my version of OSMC/Kodi 173.3 not acting on an audio CD insertion. It does recognise data CDs and movie DVDs. OSMC/Kodi 16.1 could do this. Also posted my problem on the OSMC forum (and thank you Sam N for your input).

The point of asking here (the centre of the Raspberry Pi World) was to find out if I really was the only chap out here having this problem. Perhaps even the only one so far to spot a sneaky little faux pas that's creped in there and in my case crapped in my tiny world.

I'm only guessing but if OSMC/Kodi can't/won't determine its an audio CD as opposed to a data/video-media then everything hits to stops. My hardware worked on Kodi 16.1 it doesn't work on Kodi 17.3, Do the math, bent or broken, certainly not working any more.

Thank you for your attention.

Re: I'm Hacked off with Kodi 17.X

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:16 pm
by jamesh
OK, spoken to a Kodi Pi dev, and he thinks you will be better off on the OSMC/Kodi forums, as we don't deal with the CD ripping side of things here (video/audio playback is our forte). CD ripping on Kodi on Pi is very much a niche application for Kodi, you might be the only person doing it!