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Bluetooth Headphones Frustrations! :-/

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:16 pm
by Cdrshm
Ok so this will probably come across as a rant, but i just don't understand why this is being so difficult. Has anyone successfully paired a bluetooth headset/speakers to their raspberry pi 3 running any of the Kodi distros or just raspbian with kodi to constantly work after reboots and powering off/on headphones?

It feels like you have have to jump thought tons of hoops, i don't understand why this is the case. I have tried every flavor of Kodi for the Pi. The headset won't keep a connection, or never connects, or no audio, sync issues. Most of the time it just doesn't connect or stay connected, fails if i turn my headset off and turn it back on, it won't ever connect again. If by some chance it does connect a reboot will have me starting all over again.

I have followed this guide Here, and Here and its always a bust.
I have an laptop monitor from a broken laptop with raspberry pi as my media system, to run off of my MythTV and other online services. its in front of my treadmill to use while running. i can't use a tv because the treadmill is right in front of the wall so when its folded up i get the most space. This is what i have built. This is just a first time build, my upgrade will be a 1080p display and nicer frame and stained.

I was able to get the bluetooth working a while back, but had terrible sync issues. Realized that the built in wireless was causing the problem. Purchased a USB wireless dongle to address that issue..

So has anyone gotten this to work consistently, is there a distro that works best for this sort of thing? I am using LG HBS730 Headphones, They are about 5 years old, but they have always worked with every device i have used, even tried a newer bluetooth taco speaker and i get the same results.. If new headphones would be better, i will buy them!! END RANT.......

Currently i am on Openelec, as i had the best luck with this in the past, but today no such luck....

..... Well...that feels a little better...

Re: Bluetooth Headphones Frustrations! :-/

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:26 am
by drgeoff
Are you sure that the USB port on that board is able to supply the current and voltage that the RPi3 needs?

Re: Bluetooth Headphones Frustrations! :-/

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:52 am
by Cdrshm
drgeoff wrote:Are you sure that the USB port on that board is able to supply the current and voltage that the RPi3 needs?
I am sure it does not. :D I ended up hooking the "proper" power supply, but i think i do need to test it to be 100% on initial boot i do get the yellow lighting bolt, but after that i don't really see it.

Re: Bluetooth Headphones Frustrations! :-/

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:19 am
by youness
Since you tried my tutorial:
Cdrshm wrote:I have followed this guide Here and its always a bust...

Can you give more details in which step it didn't work?
I see no reason that you can't use your headphone with A2DP profile (speakers mode)

Re: Bluetooth Headphones Frustrations! :-/

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:44 am
by barreinhard
What version of pulseaudio are you running? I am able to successfully pair headphones after each reboot. I’m working on an install script for this, should be completed by tomorrow around 2pm. (During my daughters nap)

Re: Bluetooth Headphones Frustrations! :-/

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:03 pm
by farhan
I am also having same issue. This may related to power supply. Currently I am having a power supply which can deliver 1.2A of current.

Re: Bluetooth Headphones Frustrations! :-/

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:23 pm
by youness
Check that post if you still need to connect your headset: ... berry-pi-3

Re: Bluetooth Headphones Frustrations! :-/

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:07 pm
by Smartybones
Hi there.

I use a Raspberry Pi 3b and openELEC, I have no problems connecting Bluetooth earbuds, the only problem is that you have to go into the audio settings and tell it to use the Bluetooth headphones as the output and when you want to revert back to tv you have to go back into the settings and reset the audio output to the HDMI.

Just to add, I power the Pi from the USB port on the TV,

Re: Bluetooth Headphones Frustrations! :-/

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:35 pm
by thomasj
I came here looking for the answer to what I think is this same issue. I am running OpenElec v8.0.4 for pi2 & 3. I have tried a number of different configurations of Raspbian and Kodi v17, all with the same result. I can connect my bluetooth earbuds to my rPi box but after a few minutes, the bluetooth driver completely disappears and I have to reboot the Pi to reconnect. I am using a 2 amp power supply so I don't think that it's a power problem.

I noticed that OpenElec is using Pulse audio for bluetooth connections. The newer versions of Raspbian can connect bluetooth audio now with Alsa, direct, no PulseAudio required. I tried setting up a Raspbian install with Kodi 17 using the new bluetooth/Alsa drivers that comes already loaded in Raspbian and the bluetooth hung in there as long as my install didn't crash. But I can't tell if that was a fix because I was having to many crashes to tell. I think my problem here was just not enough memory in the rPi for everything I had loaded into it. I went back to OpenElec which is wonderfully stable except for it's primitive bluetooth setup. Is there a OpenElec on the horizon with the latter version of Raspbian that doesn't include the Pulse audio connection?

Re: Bluetooth Headphones Frustrations! :-/

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:27 am
by DarrenHill
OpenElec is a dead project - it hasn't been worked on in over a year.

Try LibreElec, which is a fully supported fork of it (almost all of the OE devs left and formed it a few years ago). You can even update directly from OE to LE and keep all your settings and library etc.

Re: Bluetooth Headphones Frustrations! :-/

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:54 am
by default_user8
I'm using Libreelec running Kodi and have not had any issues connecting to and using bluetooth headphones. My only issue is forgetting to switch the audio back to HDMI when i'm done. :D