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Playing videos with DTS over DLNA

Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:01 pm

I'm using Serviio as my DLNA server on my PC, which you can use to transcode formats for incompatible devices.
I've made a config for the raspberry pi:

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<Profile id="pi" name="Pi" extendsProfileId="1">
			<MediaFormatProfile mime-type="video/mp4" name="">AVI</MediaFormatProfile>
			<Video targetContainer="mpegts" targetACodec="aac" aBitrate="192">
				<Matches container="*" aCodec="dca" />
				<!-- don't think you need this, but if AC-3 doesn't work then uncomment the line below-->
				<!--	<Matches container="*" aCodec="ac3" />	-->
Copy and paste that in between two of the other profiles config\profiles.xml in the program's directory.
You will have to set the profile manually in the console if you're not using XBMC or it doesn't recognise it. You can do likewise for any other formats it doesn't support.

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