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I set up Midnight Commander to play media

Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:46 pm

Okay, I posted this here because I thought it would be seen as useful for media players to be able to have a light way to play stuff without having to type to navigate around.

What I did was find console based programs for some common file types and then edit the Midnight Commander mc.ext file to open them. I picked them almost completely based on whether they worked the first time.

So for most videos, pictures, sounds, html and pdf's, you can just navigate to the file, hit enter or double click and it will open them up. Omxplayer works.

The mc.ext was file pretty big and complex and pointed to a lot of applications that don't even exist anymore etc. It is a lot simpler now and people should be able to figure it out and fine tune it for themselves pretty easily.

If you have improvements and changes, just post the whole file. I can't do the revising and releasing thing.

It only works to open the files from the console, not ssh or a terminal window inside the gui. Everything else should work everywhere (if it would have worked before). Someone could if they wanted to find applications that worked in the terminal window and add them with if-then statements. You can look at the original file to see how to do that.

Download the mc.ext file here or if I attached it successfully from at the bottom of the page. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/81353664/Ver.13.mc.ext.bak

I tested this on a fresh install of Raspian and on a messed up version that I had always run as root and it worked on both. I will try it on a stripped down server version later.

Here is the first part of the file with instructions.

##########******** Instructions on changes.


# # Run "apt-get install mc fbi ghostscript links mikmod gpm
# mpg123 music123" as root using sudo or other method

# Reboot

# Replace /etc/mc/mc.ext with this file (after backing it up of course).

# type "mc" or "mc -s" (-s is a simpler format if there are formatting issues) at console.
# You can use "sudo mc" and be root for entire session.

############# User Instructions

# F3 will view any file in plain text. F4 will attempt to edit any file in Nano. Hour long tv shows etc will crash it, so don't try those.
# The other F keys do what they say they do.
# Enter or double click (if your mouse is working) will open the file in the application set in this file if there is one, otherwise it will do nothing.
# This is intended to use at the console, not in X, not over ssh etc.
# In the configurations menu, a lot of stuff can be turned off to make the interface simpler.
maybe just zipped files
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Re: I set up Midnight Commander to play media

Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:32 am

Very nice, thanks; will give it a look.

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Re: I set up Midnight Commander to play media

Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:33 pm

Well, I see some people downloaded it.

Using omxplayer for mp3's works better and gets rid of an application.

I can edit my first post, but I got rid of the dropbox link, so just the attachment on this site works.

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Re: I set up Midnight Commander to play media

Fri Aug 26, 2016 6:09 am

In your config there is

Code: Select all

	Open=omxplayer %f 
What does "%f" mean? omxplayer parameter?

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