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Info Needed to create Touchscreen Jukebox

Sat Feb 21, 2015 8:17 pm

Hello all

I have a B+ Board which i want to make in to a touchscreen jukebox what i might be asking may or may not be in the realms of reality, either way i would really like some good info to see if it is possible and how so i could make my project a reality.. here it goes

I have a B+ board with 8GB micro SD card, i am going to use a 32GB usb key for music files

I would like to have a touchscreen attached and use that as its sole interface and i would also like to have an additional audio board so i could use optical and connect it directly to my surround sound system

so the questions i have for you all is:

1.is it possible to have both touchscreen and additional audio board connected at the same time and if so what would be the best makes of each to use that is compatible with operating systems?

2. is there a case that is able to house both the Pi, audio card and touchscreen?

3.the software i would require to have it purely as a jukebox interface (that i can configure to auto update added music, shutdown function) and supports audio and touchscreen boards

4. be able to go online so i can use it as internet radio as well

I know all of the above is a very tall order to ask of you all, but i am very new to owning the Pi and what true power the board has and what its able to take... any input you all have would be really good to me

I appreciate your time and thank you!!!!!!

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Re: Info Needed to create Touchscreen Jukebox

Fri Feb 27, 2015 2:29 pm

Search the forum. I bought a 7 inch touch screen for a car pc build. It's out there The touch screen part was the hard part. I never could get it working good enough. The PI2 may get me trying again. All of this was about 1.5 years ago.
Use a usb DAC for connecting to the stereo

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Re: Info Needed to create Touchscreen Jukebox

Fri Feb 27, 2015 3:03 pm

Thanks for your reply, i have searched many projects online and most of them have taken audio from the onboard 3.5mm socket.

The main goal was to find a reasonable sized touchscreen 7"+ as its only video output and have an audio board via GPIO so i could use it for surround sound connection. Like i said my main concerns in this project is to know if they will work together, the voltage on the board would support both items if there was no external power to video/audio and OS support for them to work.

I have seen that people add video which is ok but adding something like HiFiBerry or Wolfson audio may be a concern

I want to try and avoid any form of USB audio and make it a small self contained unit..

i may have to bite the bullet and get the items required, tinker and hope for the best.. if it does work then the next step from that would be purchasing some more pi's, touchscreen and audio so its in every room and connected to a storage server.. but im getting a bit ahead of myself

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Re: Info Needed to create Touchscreen Jukebox

Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:59 pm

I'm using Hifiberry DAC+ with rPi 2 B running Volumio 1.55
The thing I'd like to do is to connect some sort of jukebox to the setup
I'm installing the WaveShare 4 inch screen on the second rPi, just to test how it's working and it seems to be fine, however Pi-Jukebox is not the thing I'd like to use in the end... I think I will try to run Volumio web UI via some browser...

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