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Thought I should share the config-files for the Argon remote for Kodi...

Thu Apr 08, 2021 7:21 pm


I've managed to get the Argon remote working with Kodi, so I thought I should share the config-files. Argon40 do provide a setup of the remote for LibreElec, but not for Raspbian so it took me a while to figure it all out.
Running the script "argonone-ir" does output the lirc-file, but it is missing the back-key. So I also include my argon.lirc.conf that goes into

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# Based on NEC templates at
# Configured codes based on data gathered

begin remote
  name  argon
  bits           32
  flags SPACE_ENC
  eps            20
  aeps          200

  header       8800  4400
  one           550  1650
  zero          550   550
  ptrail        550
  repeat       8800  2200
  gap          38500
  toggle_bit      0

  frequency    38000

      begin codes
          KEY_UP                0x00ff53ac
          KEY_DOWN                0x00ff4bb4
          KEY_LEFT                0x00ff9966
          KEY_RIGHT                0x00ff837c
          KEY_VOLUMEUP                0x00ff01fe
          KEY_VOLUMEDOWN                0x00ff817e
          KEY_OK                0x00ff738c
          KEY_HOME                0x00ffd32c
          KEY_MENUBACK                0x00ffb946
          KEY_BACK                 0x00ff09f6
      end codes
end remote
and then the Lircmap.xml (note the capital L) in

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  <remote device="argon">
and then the argon.xml that goes into

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Then just restart kodi and lirc (don't know if restarting the lirc-daemon is necessary):

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sudo systemctl restart kodi.service && sudo systemctl restart lircd.service
and now it should work!

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